What to Expect

What is a worship service like?

The Lutheran Church kept many ancient traditions when emerging from the Protestant Reformation.  A Lutheran worship service typically has multiple scripture readings, prayers (spoken and sung), and hymns. There is also a brief sermon to help us apply scripture to our daily lives.  While we use a lot of worship patterns from the very early church, we also enjoy learning new hymns and trying new things from time to time.  If you have never been to a worship service with us, don’t worry – we have everything written out for you to join right in as we speak and sing together. 

At Zion Lutheran, you will see people dressed in their “Sunday Best,” jeans and a t-shirt, and everything in between.  Please dress however you are most comfortable. Starting in the Summer of 2024, we have put an air conditioning system into our main sanctuary space! Please consider dressing in layers when possible as we adjust the system.

Our worship service usually includes standing, sitting, and sometimes kneeling. These are marked in our worship bulletin that you will receive when you arrive. Please do not feel these are mandatory! It is normal and expected that you participate in standing/sitting/kneeling only as much as you’re physically able.

Children of all ages are welcome at Zion Lutheran Church. While we welcome the sounds of children in church, some parents or caretakers choose to make use of our nursery room or cry room. You are able to hear the worship service from both of these places. Please know that these are a convenience for parents and children rather than a requirement. Your child is welcome in God’s House whether they sleep through the service, sit and listen, or are full of fussing and wiggling that day. If you are a parent or caretaker who needs some assistance with your kids, let the greeters know. We have a lot of members who would happily be parent or grandparent-like helpers during the service so worshiping with us is easier for you and your family.